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Fill out the form below OR call us at (518) 674-2915 and leave a message. You can always stop in if you see us training at the station.  We drill every Tuesday at 7:00 PM.

An issue we are facing as a fire department, is our lack of membership. As of right now, we have less than 15 active members, many of whom are students or working full time jobs. This affects our ability to respond to calls within the community in a timely manner and leaves us relying on neighboring fire departments to respond, which can take a while.

We are looking for anyone who is interested in becoming an active member (there are different roles you can take on depending on comfort level). There are many benefits to volunteering with us, such as giving back to your community, free training, tax benefits, and greater knowledge as to how emergency situations work. We work closely with Averill Park and West Sand Lake Fire Departments and occasionally train with them as well. We are asking our community members to strongly consider volunteering and giving back to the community in any capacity that they can.

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