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Administrative Officers/Board of Directors:

President:  John Losee

Vice-President:  Alyssa Lindeman

Treasurer:  Diane VanValkenburgh

Secretary:  Anja Carr

Membership Secretary:  Alyssa Lindeman

Directors:  Al Detmar

Facilities: Al Detmar

Line Officers

Chief:  John Giannone Jr.

Assistant Chief:  Ken Applegate


Lieutenant:  John Giannone

Engineer 37-1: 

Engineer 37-6:  

Engineer FR-37: 

Board of Fire Commisioners (Sand Lake Fire District Number 3)

Chairman:  Rick Giolito

Vice-Chairman:  Fred DeMay

Commissioner/Secretary: Julie Ernest

Commissioner: Linda Cooke

Commissioner: Anja Carr

District Treasurer: Ruth French

Active Members

John Giannone Jr., Chief

Ken Applegate, Asst. Chief

John Giannone, Lieutenant

James Brown

Anja Carr

Fred DeMay

Al Detmar

Johnny Farash

Ian Giannone

Matt Kerwin

Alyssa Lindeman

John Losee

Chase Shepard (Inactive-Military)

Social Members

Tom Danaher (Life Member)

Mona DeMay

Denise King

Melissa Toni

Diane VanValkenburgh

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