Administrative Officers/Board of Directors:

President:  John Losee

Vice-President:  Alyssa Lindeman

Treasurer:  Diane VanValkenburgh

Secretary:  Anja Carr

Membership Secretary:  Alyssa Lindeman

Directors:  Fred DeMay

Facilities: Fred DeMay


Line Officers

Chief:  Al Detmar

Assistant Chief:  Ken Applegate

Fire Captain:

EMS Captain:  John Giannone Jr.


Engineer 37-1: 

Engineer 37-6:  

Engineer FR-37: 


Board of Fire Commisioners (Sand Lake Fire District Number 3)

Chairman:  Fred DeMay

Vice-Chairman:  Rick Giolito

Commissioner/Secretary: Julie Ernest

Commissioner: Linda Cooke

Commissioner: Anja Carr

District Treasurer: Ruth French


Active Members

Al Detmar, Chief
Ken Applegate, Asst. Chief
John Giannone Jr., EMS Captain
Anja Carr
Fred DeMay
John Farash
Henry Ghent
Ian Giannone
John Giannone
Alyssa Lindeman
John Losee
Chase Shepard (Inactive-Military)

Social Members

Tom Danaher (Life Member)
Mona DeMay
Denise King
Melissa Toni
Diane VanValkenburgh

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